Day 255: On The Mend

As suspected, a day of distracting myself with work and other obligations got me about 75% of the way better. The frustrating thing is not having a control group to test myself against. Would I have gotten just as better if I’d stayed home another day? Who knows?

But after a few days of not exercising, I’m champing at the bit to get back on that, for sure. I feel bloaty and aimless. The anchoring of a morning workout is becoming pretty important to me, it turns out.

This is an opportunity to revisit the exercise routine, at least. For quite a while, it was running geared toward a half-marathon program. Neglecting strength training entirely. Now, I think I should re-evaluate the strength training component and rebalance everything a bit.

I’m just going to order a g_d pull-up bar and get back on Gorilla, I think — and shake up the routine.

Make the illness work for you, right?