Day 256: Post-Sick

I’m not better better, but I’m better enough to get back on top of things: exercise, food logging, etc. Being sick is a slack-off time; probably not really right that I stop logging food, but I do.

I’m kind of logging in intervals, mixed with typing the blog this morning, just to see how I like that. Update: not bad. Gives me a bit more time to think about what I’m typing; thinking about food while blogging gives me more time to meal-plan my day.

The big exercise excitement is that a rowing app for my phone now syncs with the running app on my phone. This may not be a huge thing for anyone but me, but it’s kind of nice to have a single app that can keep track of all things workout in one place. I still need to work strength training into the matrix, but I’m pretty pleased about the general ability to do that.

So I’ve got some busywork… aligning accounts, entering passwords, migrating all my runs from the half-marathon training app to the main running app… which I’m going to get to right now.

Felt good to get a robust workout in this morning. I’ve been taking it easy on the rows, and I forget how good it feels to go hard on that thing. My back seems to be okay with it, which is double good news…