Day 258: Exercise Rejigger

All right, so it’s time to look at the exercise program again. My wife’s probably going to keep running consistently, but my recent “hard” row reminded me of how much I like it when I’m taking it seriously. So I may wind up doing it a bit more… aggressively than previous. And more often.

Past successes: I think the best shape I’ve been in was when I was doing a combo of running, weights and rowing. So why not try to repeat that? I’m keeping an eye on for-sale groups for cheap weights, and will be trying to rebuild myself into a decent set of free weights over the next few months.

It’s — again — a question of avoiding my historic problem of overdoing it. Get to a point where I’m pushing myself, but don’t kill myself. Call it the anti-Crossfit. Slow, steady gains with no injuries.

Taking an hour to sit down and work out a real, functioning plan is basically my weekend goal… keep the long runs, get some strength training going, more rowing.

Exercise is back on track post-cold, diet is pretty okay, and sobriety is good, so I’m comfortable pushing out in this area.