Day 260: Neti Pots and Push-Ups

Kind of a housecleaning day… still not over that cold, which means fasting is still suspended. I know my philosophy is now more gung-ho in terms of recovery, but I think that kind of body stress can’t be helpful. Maybe October as the new trial month for this?

So yesterday I tried a neti pot for the first time. It was… interesting. Not as horrifying a sensation as I thought it would be. I now realize I have no idea how sinuses work. And it actually seemed to help, at least for a few hours, so I’m’a keep that going.

Today was also Day One of the new exercise regimen, which now builds some strength training into the rowing days. Strength re-training, really, as I realize that I have really let things go. I used to be able to knock out 20 pushups without really thinking about it.¬†Those¬†days are over, for sure… but I’m kind of excited to think about getting that back.

So I’m off for food logging, neti potting, and getting some volunteer stuff in order. Tally ho…