Day 261: Run Anyway

Ugh. Terrible run this morning — according to Strava, my first in two weeks, which tells you about when I got sick. And it was a gross run. Slow, sluggish, fat, hard run. Just 6k, but I felt every metre.

But: no cutting short, no turning around. I slogged through it. Not being able to, well, use my lungs was definitely an issue. And not having run in a couple of weeks didn’t lead to a surcharge of energy. The opposite. I felt, well, gross. As stated.

The only way out, though, is through. So I’d rather power through a crap run this morning than have an even steeper hill to climb by taking more time off.

And by the New Routine, tomorrow is a rowing day, so I’ll be back for a longer run, hopefully more recovered, on Thursday.

Nothing pulled from strength training yesterday, which is also a win. I’m easing into that very gently.

But yeah. Gross run. Just not great. It’s amazing how much I feel I’ve lost in the month since the half-marathon; I literally can barely imagine what that would be like from where I’m at now. It really reinforces how much keeping up with things is.

Slacking on water-drinking lately, which I’m sure doesn’t help. So I need to get much better about that.