Day 262: Sweating

I sweat a lot. I mean, not 24/7, but I am a not one of those sweat-free exercisers. I sweat like a mofo. Worse still, once the “sweat node” is activated, it stays on a hair trigger for hours. So I’ll get sopping wet during exercise, which is normal. Then I shower and towel and etc. But then for the rest of the morning, if I bike to work or walk more than, say, 50 feet, I start… exuding again. It’s bloody embarrassing.

I think I got to the point with running where it was kind of normalized, but now that I’m rowing seriously again… whew. Rowing turns that faucetĀ on. And I strongly suspect my better water drinking exacerbates it as well.

These are all good things. Sweating is pretty groovy. It’s just deeply inconvenient during the workday.

So I’m committed to sweating. I guess I’ll just keep a rotating towel in the office. I amĀ not thankfully, a super stinky sweater, so it’s more a visual problem.