Day 264: Sleeping In in my Sleep

True story: I woke up yesterday at 5:10, wondering why my watch alarm didn’t go off at 5:00. My wife tells me that at 5:00 my alarm went off, I said “I’m going back to sleep,” and turned the alarm off.

I remember none of this. None of it. So I basically went back to sleepĀ in my sleep. That’s weird.

And I have been backsliding a bit on get-to-bed lately. So I guess when I start having blackout moments of going back to sleep, that’s a good sign to pay attention.

What with some family medical issues, general lots-going-on busyness, taking a class, and work, it’s a lot. So I’ve been creeping into the evening a bit. And not being great about a pre-bed routine.

(I’m beginning to realize that ‘getting better’ isn’t about permanent change, but advances and retreats. I’ve been retreating on the sleep front. Time to advance again).