Day 266: Emergency Road Trip

Lightning fast update this morning, as I get ready to call a cab and hop a bus and grab a plane with my wife.

The big thing is that I’m going to be supporting her for the next few days. It’s a huge transition, and as I’ve been telling her, uncharted territory for both of us. Neither of us have lost a parent before. And however she handles it is the right way forĀ herĀ to handle it.

That being said, I also need to take stock of myself. This is about her, but there’s no reason to let it throw me off entirely. So I’m bringing shoes and shorts for exercise. I’m probably not going to track food, but I am going to be cautious. And sobriety is still an absolute.

I’m not much worried about this stuff. Sleep’s gonna be rough, but that’s the most recoverable of all these things.