Day 267: Mourning and sobriety

Gonna be short and sweet for the next few days as I check in from my niece’s bedroom. I now know what Shopkins are.

I’m very glad to be sober right now, because my default in emotional situations isn’t to get blind drunk, but it is to get significantly buzzed, and there’s a lot of practical things I can help with — ranging from niece-watching to computer repair — that I’d prefer to do not hung over.

So it’s going to be a strange few days. Somewhat for me, but especially for my wife as she adjusts to having one and not two parents here. She’s still got her biodad and stepmother in Florida, but this was emotionally pretty much her father who passed.

At any rate: I don’t think exercise will be top of mind for the next while, but I’m going to try to stay up on the water and eat more or less reasonably. And the sobriety is very helpful.