Day 268: Family and Finance

It’s no news that family can be stressful, and money can be stressful. I’m lucky to have inlaws who are open and ready to talk about these things. But there’s a shared stress away, with a recent death in my wife’s family, and a lot of open questions that are hard to answer.

Obligation, and shared obligation, is a tricky thing. There’s a lot of navigation of people’s choices versus their circumstances, and when you only get to see people face to face once a year or less, it’s hard to have conversations.

So today’s brief road update: some exercise this morning, a short run; doing okay on food, sobriety on lock, sleep is meh but we’re trying our best. Which is all you can do sometimes. I’d love to say everything is 100%, but the finance stuff is kind of tricky. And that’s not a solveable problem as much as an ongoing situation to manage.