Day 271: More Travel Adjustments

It’s hard to get back into things when you’re going to head out again. Off to Montreal tonight for a conference with my wife. So it’s turning out to be a terrible week for exercise, as I’m still working off sleep and stress debt from down south.

A good time to take a step back and focus on the overall trend line since I’ve started this thing. Otherwise I’ll get despondent. On the whole it’s been good for exercise. Good for diet. Great for sobriety. Good for sleep. Have I hit new heights? No. Do weeks like this one help? No. But life gets in the way, and that’s what life is FOR.

So good to remember that I am making progress, and I need to keep that close. I make progress so that when life happens I have some latitude to step back. Keep an eye on diet for the next few days, and then I’m back to routine.