Day 272: Road, road, road

Another from-away episode. I survived America, Land of Cheap Candy, but last night fell prey to the Candy Demon. So not feeling super well-controlled this morning.

I’m a routine person, and all this bouncing around is manifesting in weird ways. Candy is better than booze, at least.

And this is it for roaming for a week. Back home tonight, and then at home until at least next Saturday — my parents, Thanksgiving — and looking forward to that (relative) stability for a while.

So not the best night last night, but I can pick it up today and make some good decisions while I’m out of town, before returning tonight. The other knock-on of travel after travel is that we came home to a house with no food, so we haven’t been able to do much prep, so it’s going to be restaurants today… bad for budget, bad for diet… so we’ll see what we can get creative with.