Day 273: Staying Cool

The old joke: how do you know if somebody’s really into Crossfit?

Don’t worry… they’ll tell you.

I bring it up because I’m getting kind of split lately about being shy regarding sobriety among strangers. But weirdly bold among friends.

And I’ve been doing really well with the sobriety lately, but trying not to turn into a… non-smoker about it? Because that would be SUPER EASY.

You don’t want to do that. Especially with friends and loved ones. And I’m generally not arrogant about this stuff. But — again, it’s hard sometimes not to be. It’s just kind of a casual thought.

“Don’t be an asshole” is pretty much the new baseline of most Internet communication. It’s a straightforward proposition. Be the change, etc.

And I’m not! I’m being good. I promise. But it’s a noticeable change in how… bold?… I’m feeling about sobriety. It’s not something I’m kind of not talking about with friends now. It’s something I kind of feel a bit evangelical about. So it’s an interesting transition.