Day 274: Back to Fast

All right! Just about over this cold, first Monday of October, and my wife’ll be out of town for this week. Pretty much optimal conditions to reboot the fast experiment.

Let’s be honest: this weekend was NOT GREAT for food. I attribute it to being busy, and also stress burn-off post mourning and post-running-around. It’s been a weird couple of weeks. So I feel okay about not firing on all cylinders. Back on exercise today. Back on food tracking. It’ll be good.

Oh, and I installed a chin-up bar! Guess how many chin-ups I can do. Zero. That’s how many.

So: fasting Monday and Thursday for October. I’m not looking forward to my wife not being home this week, but at least I won’t have to worry about seeing somebody eat when I get home. I’m just gonna have to stay busy and drink TONS of water to get through those days, and hopefully this will reset my biological… clock?… a bit.