Day 277: Hello, Bachelor Booze Brain

Late episode today — my phone was stolen out of my office yesterday, ironically while I was chasing a different thief in a different part of my building. I guess they come in pairs now. And my site requires two-factor authentication, which I receive… on my phone. It’s taken a while to work around that.

So things are a bit late due to technical difficulties.

Normally, I’d be all about talking about theft and chasing methheads, but the OTHER thing that’s been happening to me in the last two days has been the return of Booze Brain while I’ve been a temporary bachelor. Like, almost “hearing voices” level of interference.

I dropped by the grocery store on my way home on Tuesday. Next to the liquor store. And the unbidden thought was “hey, buddy! Your wife’s out of town. You could just get a bottle of medium-quality whiskey and nip away at it. Nobody will ever know!” And the same yesterday, but with the bottles of wine in our basement.

It’s not a “let’s get blotto” voice, either. It’s a “one drink wouldn’t hurt” kind of vector. But, I mean, we know where that goes.

Obviously, I didn’t. But man, it… happened. It was spooky! It’s been a while since I’ve been seriously tempted, but that was COMPELLING.

So… triumph? I guess? I think I won a battle there, but I’m too disturbed by the fact that the war’s still going on to feel great about the victory. It’s creepy.