Day 279: Bachelor Week Concludes

My last day of flying solo! And I have to say: it’s not for me. I think it’s not an uncommon thing for married people to think they’re still kind of “single people who choose to commit.” Which is fair. But I’ve certainly learned this week that I’m not somebody who snaps into singledom easily.

Which is a good thing! It’s just something to wrap my head around. Sobriety went fine, but I have not been great about exercise this week. I’ve had kind of a not super great relationship with games and TV. Diet has been… fine, but not superb.

I think there’s a lot of passive support that goes on. I mean, she doesn’t nag me, doesn’t get on to me, but I think both of us angling toward the same goals reinforces us.

So it’ll be good to be back to normal! It’s not a super easy thing to acknowledge, though. I think there’s a kind of a fantasy that one is a super independent person that don’t need nobody for nothin’. But it turns out that I kind of do need somebody for somethin’. And it’s nice.