Day 280: Back again on track again

Bachelor: no more! My wife’s back, and frankly I’m quite excited to get things back to normal around here. It’s funny: normally I’d swear that I’m an introvert and I need “alone time” to recharge. But too much alone time and I just don’t feel like myself either. It’s all about balance.

It’s an interesting discovery. Because I do need time to myself. I have to say I was excited going into the week, because the hypothetical ability to just be by myself and live in quiet for a while was appealing. But I think it’s something best meted out in smaller chunks.

I still feel a bit… emasculated?… laying all this out. Shouldn’t I be a standalone barbarian that could just as easily be living in a woods cabin doing woods things? Chopping stuff and punching bears. But I think the history of humanity is one that’s ultimately of teamwork. We do better when we do stuff together. That’s what really bothers me about preppers. The best preparation for disaster you can have is to have strong relationships. Self-sufficiency is a noble pursuit, but complementary specialization is a force multiplier.

And our relationship is definitely one of complementary specialization. I’m better with some things, my wife is better than others, and we do complement each other. We also compliment each other!

It’s nice to have all that back to normal.