Day 283: Diet Refocus

Now that Bachelor Week and those sloppy ways are behind me, it’s time to get back on food focus. I’ve been not-bad about eating lately, but it’s 100% true that logging makes all the difference.

The problem is, I hate doing it.

Well, hate’s a strong word. But I really strongly dislike doing it. And I can’t quite figure out why.

It’s kind of gamified, which I like. It’s… fiddly, which I don’t enjoy. And I don’t like everything being partially known, so trying to do it in the morning and not knowing what’s planned for the evening bugs me.

And I’m not always honest with it if food opportunities present themselves during the day, which is annoying and makes me feel guilty.

But there’s no denying that it’s probably the single clearest key to success. So overcoming that obstacle needs to be a priority.

So I’m going to take 10 minutes right now to self-brainstorm ways around this. I’ll append those notes to the blog when I’m done.

10-minute brainstorm…

  • Dedicate time on Sundays to weekly meal planning (pre-grocery shop)
    • …why doesn’t that work when we tried it before?
    • calendar it as a constant? noon-2 on Sundays is ironclad “prep for week” time?
  • Look up “constants” (brown rice, beans, etc.) and make sure I have those on hand
  • Move from Lose It / Fitbit food tracking to paper?
  • Enforce morning checklist as well as evening checklist (but hard to manage time)
  • Have “default” meal for when no meal is planned (rice, beans, veg, sauce) and stick to that — maybe make and freeze in bulk?


  • Lack of meal planning for week on Sundays
  • Shifting commitments during week make it hard to plan ahead
  • Inconsistent meal planning on both our parts
  • Software is really annoying to try to look stuff up with
  • Cheating means not logging, which leads me to more not logging (guilt – laziness)


  • Meal planning on Sundays
  • Harder stance on changing plans during the week
  • Meal planning on Sundays
  • Set aside time every morning to plan food for day
    • Make daily schedule (up at 5…)
  • Don’t cheat! Gamify/affirm/check in more firmly every day