Day 285: Alarming Problems

So I really need to figure out this alarm thing. No exercise this morning because this “wake up naturally” approach is garbage. I’ll just have to be real cautious with food.

There’s another issue here, which is I’m still kind of happy to not exercise. I feel bad in a “eat your vegetables” way, but not a “missed opportunities” way. I clearly don’t feel the inner urge to exercise. Just an obligation.

The sleep thing takes precedence, though; that’ll be a weekend thing. Find an alarm that can get me up without driving my wife crazy.

So that’s the short-term mandate.

Doing well with “re-food-logging,” but still letting some snacks creep in here and there, which I need to be better about.

Hopefully my new iPhone will arrive today, which will solve my alarm problem (theoretically). I am enjoying wearing watches again!