Day 288: Ramping back

There’s a bunch of stuff that’s gone on recently. Death in the family, and both personal travel and my wife travelling. Theft from my office. Some new developments at work that are probably actually good, but… complicated.

So I’m not entirely surprised that I’ve been a bit off my game. Not 100% off my game, but certainly not entirely on the ball. So I’m working on getting things a bit more back-on-track.

Motivation is definitely a factor. I’m not… feeling it these days. There’s not much get up and go in my morning. I’m not feeling great about exercise. I’m not super energized, in general.

I’m going to be revisiting Inspiration Week this week, to see what nuggets I can mine to give myself something to get me rolling when I get out of bed.

Getting a new phone, and an alarm going, will be helpful. Revisiting some inspirational stuff to see how I can re-motivate myself, especially to get back on top of exercise.