Day 289: I Am The Future

Here’s the inspirational idea I’m flirting with today: I am the future. Which sounds like SCIENCE FICTION. But it’s not. It’s more the idea of doing Future You a favour, which we covered way back when. January! Day Twenty-Eight! I was so young.

Basically, trying not to look at morning stuff as “stuff I gotta do today.” Looking at a more ideal future-me state and working back from that. I think I keep pushing off things as “I’ll get on top of that tomorrow.” But if I make today more essential to tomorrow happening, maybe that’ll help.

I don’t know. I gotta say I’m a bit distressed that it’s been TEN MONTHS and I’m not where I want to be. But this is the longest I’ve ever put sustained effort into THINKING about this stuff, even if I’m not FULFILLING all this stuff. So I think it’s going to all, like, kick in eventually.

The exercise has been real hard recently, though. Transitioning to rowing has been tougher than I thought. It’s easy to put off and hard to sustain for long periods like I can run for an hour.

So right now it’s “today is a step towards a more ideal self”, which got me through the morning. Let’s see how it works for me tomorrow.