Day 290: The Work

Talking with a friend about a daily project that she’s been trying and struggling with recently. And how it ties to this one, obviously. She’s been trying to do work she’s proud of every day — visual arts — and my take on it was that it’s not about the daily work as individual pieces. It’s about the body of work over time.

I’m clearly not ashamed of this. Every morning I sit down and write and record something that doesn’t embarrass me. But I’m able to do it because I know that every morning isn’t going to be stellar. Sometimes I write and record something quite good. Sometimes it’s just a short check-in. But I give myself the latitude to be mediocre at times, because I know I’m going to be good at other times.

The body of work over time is the project, not the entry. The entry is obviously necessary to the project, yes. But it’s not the project. The project is the scope of doing this for however long I can. The rest of my life? Who knows.

Which is not to say I’m lowballing this every day. But it’s apparent that this isn’t the result of hours of lavish audio production and planning. It’s a daily check-in, not Theatre of the Mind.

And is that a good analogy for diet and exercise? It’s about being mindful of it, even if every day isn’t excellent. I beat myself up for having off days, but the important thing is to have every days, even if some days are off.