Day 291: Weight Motivation

Great row this morning! I do well with it as long as I follow the simple rule of no electronics (other than listening to music) before I exercise. It’s really that straightforward. When I cop out and let myself watch TV or a movie while I row, I slack.

Getting weight training into the mix is a challenge, though. I have the weights, and I’m surprisingly happy with the daily row. So I should just do some weights before rowing, right?

It’s surprisingly hard to convince myself to do that. I just kind of want to get to the rowing. And weights¬†afterward¬†is also a bit tough to convince myself to do, because then there’s copious amounts of sweat cooling on my body. It gets gross and uncomfortable real fast.

I’ve already taken a run at “daily scheduling”, but it’s kind of out of sight, out of mind. Maybe printing something out I can see every day would help? I have access to a tabloid-sized printer — maybe a schedule taped to the wall would help me stick to something. It seems silly, but crazier stuff has worked for me in the past.

Edit: I actually just made this and printed it out to stick next to the stairs I come down when I get up:

Success Factors
Short success factors