Day 292: A Land of Contrasts

I am a land of contrasts… up late last night hosting a work event, so I slept in late this morning. Just getting up now. No exercise today!

It’s always a rough mental calculus of “if I get up, and exercise, will I be a wreck at work because I haven’t slept enough”. And that’s a hard one to figure. I err on the side of sleep, because a terrible day at work has a much higher chance of screwing things up for days than a day not exercising.

But, and we’ve covered this before, I also don’t crave exercise. I don’t think “oh, no! Not get to exercise!” It’s more “yes, sleep.”

Sooooooo this is something I need to work on. I made my poster yesterday! It’s printed! It’s going to go on the wall… Sunday! Fresh start on Monday.