Day 295: Soft Reboot, New Rule

I’m not starting new rules, per se, but today I put the poster up:

Success Factors
Short success factors

…and hopefully, this will be a new tipping point for me.

Since January, I’ve stayed sober and managed to keep more or less regularly to exercise. I think my sleep has improved.

But I have lost, as of this morning, zero weight.

I literally weigh, this morning, what I weighed on February 23 of this year. 201.2 pounds. You can check it out for yourself. 

This is a kind of recent thing, as my wife being out of town and other stressors have kind of driven me to garbage food. But I still shouldn’t be driven to garbage food by stressors. That’s a problem in and of itself.

Am I upset? Meh. What’s the point? I’ve been upset before and it’s obviously not a change factor.

If you want to change things, do different things. So here’s the different thing for now: looking at and reading this list of things every morning:

Success Factors
Short success factors

That’s pretty much it. If I read that in the morning and stick to it, religiously, I know I can do this. It’s like science and math. It’ll happen. I haven’t done this, and I haven’t done what I wanted to do yet.

So am I getting a bit, I don’t know, strident with myself? Sure.

I’m not being a saint. I’m having cake with dinner. But I need to be faithful in weighing and logging. It’s literally been the determining factor in success or failure to date.

We’ve gone over this ground before — I’m a smart guy. I don’t know why I can’t internalize a simple process and piece of wisdom. And I must!

So: soft reboot today. My wife also wants to team up with me for the 5/2 fasting in November, so that will be another kick at that can as well, and probably more successful with both of us on board.