Day 298: Daily Rowing

I guess I’m feeling pretty good about rowing every day after a few days of doing it. It doesn’t burn calories like running, but it works pretty much everything. I was a bit worried about my lower back, but it seems fine. It was probably strengthened by previous rowing.

So I’m doing kind of the same thing every day, but there are lot more options out there than my first go-round at being a regular rower — apps that sync up via bluetooth, rows of the day, and so on. It might actually get fun to start messing around with the different workout types and results.

This is where I get a bit nervous about getting too ambitious, though. A steady row every day is something I can figure out and plan on. Different rows every day? Might mix things up, but would also be kind of random.

I’ll give it a think. I’m settling into the new routine, so I think I just talked myself out of anything fancy. Get the fundamentals down and don’t worry about super-involved challenges until I feel like I’m solidly back on the path.