Day 299: More Daily Rowing

Probably this was a jinx from yesterday, but today I hit a bit of a mental wall with rowing.

Technically, I suppose I should say that it’s not rowing . I’m not on the water. It’s a Concept2 ergometer, so I should say that I’m erging, but come on.

Following yesterday’s “I’m rowing daily, no problem!”, today I hit a minor “ugh” wall before rowing.

But I carried on! And once I was on the machine, listening to music, rowing away, everything was fine. So I guess I’m not immune to “erg fatigue,” but the key is to just promise myself I’ll start. Once I’m started, it’s easy to keep going.

The one advantage of the app I use, too, is it doesn’t record anything unless I finish the workout I set at the start. This has saved my bacon more than once… I’ll be midway through, think “I’m really not feelin’ this,” and consider quitting, but the thought of “wasting” that effort keeps me at it to conclusion.

It’s trite, but “just do it” is not the worst mantra in the world. Ignore that it’s a shoe company slogan. It’s still a pretty good thing to think. I spend a lot of time in my own head telling myself I can and can’t do things. Just getting out of the internal dialogue and moving to action is advice I need to give myself more often.