Day 303: Halloween!

Ghosts! Goblins! Sheet ghosts! The Great Pumpkin, and this timeless bit of comedy:

And an incidental shout out to the Vince Guaraldi Sextet, who introduced generations of children to some great jazz via the Charlie Brown specials. Light jazz is kind of a cuss word in music these days, but it was good jazz! And light! Love some Vince Guaraldi.

So today’s about not succumbing to the candy demon. And avoiding post-Halloween candy sales for the next few days. I’ve never really been a Halloween party person — actually, I’m not convinced those happen outside of movies — so sobriety isn’t a big challenge there.

But tonight’s about giving away, and not absorbing, candy.

The Poster still seems to be working its magic on me:

Succeed Poster (trimmed)

…it’s been what, a week?… and I’m still sticking to it every day. Not doing great on calories. But hopefully if I log faithfully my good sense will take over at some point and I’ll start eating less, because at least I can see the impact of what I’m eating.

And it’s been a bad few days for food — which I can now see — and the effect is quite apparent. I also haven’t been feeling quite myself, which is a vicious cycle, because when I don’t feel good mentally, food’s my recourse.

So trucking on with faithful logging, daily weighing, and exercise. It’s the only sane thing to do.

Also two days out from starting the 5/2 thing with my wife, this time, which will make a huge difference in adherence. I don’t think we’re doing that long-term, but we’ll be giving it a whirl for November, at least.