Day 305: Fasting, Take Three

Fasting day! This is the third time in four months I’ve tried to boot up the twice-a-week fast thing. And, as usual, I’m feeling pretty good about it.

But this time, my wife’s on board. This might be the game-changer. I do my best when we’re reinforcing each other. When we’re out of sync — one of us is exercising but the other isn’t, one of us is trying something with food and the other isn’t — it generally is hard to maintain. Both of us on it together? Prognosis is good.

There’s always the question of when something fails and warrants another try, and when something fails and it’s Not For Me. It’s really hard for me to know which is which. Those of you who have been on this bus for a while know it hasn’t been a straight line. That it’s about failure and re-attempts more than a linear path to Doing Better. Getting back up has been more important in many ways than moving forward.

The fasting thing — I think this is the last kick at that can. I can’t think of more optimal circumstances than a month where we have no travel plans (until the very last weekend), a low risk of tragedy, and both of us in on it together. If this doesn’t work out this time, it might be Not For Me.

I hope it does work! I’m excited by it. I kind of enjoyed it the first go-round; the second go-round was brutal due to life circumstances.

First time through got put off due to illness. I don’t intend to get sick, but that should be something I factor into consideration. A “sick plan” for fasting would be a good idea. Something to discuss.

Off to not eat! Wish me (and my spouse) luck…