Day 306: Fasting Went Okay

Fasting went okay yesterday! Having your wife in on it definitely helps. Now I just need to not let that be an excuse to be The Food Monster today, but that’s what the (shameless) consistent logging is all about, right?

After ten solid months of looking at this every day… I’m cautious. More cautious than I was back in January. Mainly because I seem to build systems that work well when things are going well but don’t hold up to stress.

If I look at times things have fallen down for me this year, there’s always a reason:

  • Illness
  • Extraordinary stress
  • Family issues
  • Injury

I’m not spontaneously saying “screw it, brah” at any point. Things are happening and knocking me off-course.

So now, when things are going well, is the time to think about throw-off-course factors.

It’s back to the balance between being ambitious and not wanting to take on too much. My old patterns are to take on too much and flame out. That’s still my pattern at work and in volunteerism, which I need to work on.

So now’s the time to think about how I’ve failed over the course of the year to date. And ask myself how things will be different when the same stuff happens. That’s a tough question. But I’ve got a set of conditions that I can point at that throw me off-course. Bad colds. Muscle pulls. Work nightmares.

Internalizing strategies to get past these now will be helpful when they happen again. I doubt I’m going to never get sick again. I’m pretty sure I’m going to pull a muscle. Work is bound to get… extreme at some point.

So I need to start laying some interior groundwork now for taking all that on while I’m at the peak and not wait to dig out from the trough, so to speak.