Day 307: Busy Saturday

Looking like a hectic day ahead — radio show, some errands, then training others at the radio station, having a relative over for dinner, and off to a house concert!

Of it all, it’s kind of the training that I… resent isn’t the right word, but there’s definitely a culture issue at the station where the same few volunteers do about 90% of the volunteer work, and about 120 other people kind of coast.

I’m trying to get better about admitting where I’m ignorant. So this is an area where I’m ignorant. Volunteer motivation is not something I have anything other than job experience in.

And I am getting better at asking for help. For my own mental health, then, it’s time to do both things: if I’m feeling overwhelmed, I need to admit I don’t understand how to solve this problem, and look for help solving it.

I even know people that can help me solve it. I just need to ask them.