Day 308: Slip-Up; Daylight Savings Time

Remember when I said not weighing and logging was a warning sign? Yesterday — didn’t log. Now, we were out super late, house concert thing, tables and tables of snacks and food, and I did not drink, but still. I ate way too much. When I got home I felt bad and couldn’t even remember all that I ate. So I didn’t log it. I failed in the task. Worth looking at.

Not a tailspin, but this is the warning parameter I set for myself, so it’s a good thing to look at. What compelled me to eat when I’d already had enough food for the day? What could have kept me from snacking rapaciously? What story do I tell myself in the moment to make overeating okay? And is that a story I can improve or change?

Well, yes. It must be. People do better. I’m a person. So there’s something to unpack in the not-logging and the overeating that’s helpful.

That’s my task for a rainy Sunday: not to spend the whole day beating myself up, but to at least take a bit of a deep dive, replay last night, and see how I could have handled things differently. Mentally train myself to do better the next time I face the same challenge.

And log my g_d food today!