Day 310: Rocking Staycation Goals

The goal of a staycation, for me at least, is to look back at the end and say “I did that.” In once instance, that was building a day bed; in another, more building-of-stuff. I’m not sure I have one thing to “staycation” this time around.

Fasting went well yesterday; the key as always is not to go blargh food monster on the “strength” of the fast, like I did last Friday. I find eating well when I’m at home much harder than eating well when I’m at work, because the kitchen is right there. I can kind of control my food surroundings at work.

Staying busy is part of that for sure, though. I think I need to find a project (see? It’s coming back around) to really sink my teeth into for the rest of the week — something where next year I can say “I took some vacation and did X”, instead of “I took some vacation and just kind of hung around the house.”