Day 311: Exercise Break — Not

All right, so I got up this morning and broke my own rule. I was halfway through a graphic novel I’d got from the library, so I grabbed it and read it while I waited for the cat’s food thing to go off.

Guess what? It screwed up my exercise plan. I know this in my heart. So the narrative was “I guess I won’t exercise today! Staycation week! Wheee!”

But now I’m coming back around; I’m going to finish this and push to get some exercise in right after I stop recording. Not because I want to exercise. I definitely don’t. I really don’t feel like it.

I set these parameters for success, though, right? And I don’t even have a good excuse today. I pulled my neck a bit the other day, but it seems okay now. I’m not sick. I’m on staycation, but what’s that? Not a reason to not exercise.

So I’m’a finish this and go get some exercise in. It’s still early in the day. Even if this were a workday, I’d still have the time for it.

I made a promise to myself, dammit, and I can’t let that lazy guy ruin it.

In other news, staycation week seems to be turning into “get the side hustle up and running for good” week. Which is… well, it’s kind of similar to the day job, which feels a bit off, but it’s also nice to have a magnum opus to push away on while I’m off work. Saying “I set up my side business on a week of vacation” is a nice feeling.

I wanted to sign this thing right now! Like an email. I guess I do miss work.