Day 312: Staycation Slippage

I did exercise yesterday — 6k run, and wow, I’ve been doing well with the rowing, but I’m out of running practice. Today, exercise is going to be an hour of intensive, active housecleaning, trying to combine cardio/lifting with something that really needs doing.

Last night was not great from a self-control perspective; I’m trying to find the balance between allowing myself to relax a bit on vacation, and not doing things that will make me feel bad.

There’s also a weird tension with working on this side hustle project. It’s taking a lot of time to set up. Which is… normal, I guess? But it’s Thursday already, and I’m getting a bit flop-sweaty about living up  to my expectations for myself for the week. I don’t want to stress myself out on my vacation, but at the same time I want to push myself to get something done that I’m proud of.

In short, I am a land of contrasts. I guess I should actually calendarize what’s needed to get this side business up and running ASAP, so I can roll out a plan for the rest of the week. Carve out time for genuine R&R.