Day 316: Insomnia Sucks

What is insomnia good for? I mean, in an evolutionary sense? I mean, I can sort of see why you might want to be up all night because of, I don’t know, saber-tooth tigers or Norse raiders or something. But I mean, then you’ve got a pretty good reason to be up.

Staying up all night because you’re frustrated, or because of general life stresses: what does that do for you?

It was, needless to say, a rough night: going back to work after time away is hard, especially when you left in a things-piling-up state.

Tried all the standard stuff — imagining myself somewhere relaxing, trying to productively plan my day, thinking of other things — no dice. The slippery power of Busy Brain just kept dragging me back to stress.

On the bright side: got up, got a good run in, and now I’m at this and soon some other stuff. I’m not letting insomnia turn into sleeping in and general knock-on loginess for the rest of the day.

Time to rally! It’s a fast day, so at least I can count on hungry edginess to keep me alert. Ha!