Day 317: Posting Promptly

I sat down to do this about 20 minutes ago. It’s not all wasted time since then, but most of it has been… browsing Facebook, looking at a couple other things on the web, just sort of mentally puttering.

I’m not a productivity demon. I understand the value of dithering. But I don’t care for “lost time” dithering, which is what’s just happened. I literally can’t account for what I’ve done for the last while. It’s the mental equivalent of… grazing? That might not be the metaphor. But it’s not great, in terms of I don’t feel great coming out of it.

This comes up from time to time: leisure with intent, as opposed to leisure as filler. I’m all for leisure. Love it! I just gotta bear in mind that I enjoy leisure more when I’m deliberately leisuring. As opposed to spacing out on the Internet.

I know this podcast is cyclical, and seems to be a long sequence of things that I intend to do, drop off, and pick up again. But “leisure with intent” is definitely on the list of things to pick up again. I genuinely feel I’m better about it than I was a year ago.

So here’s a mental exercise for me to try: any time I switch activities, I ask myself what are you about to do, and why? Maybe this is a dumb idea that will be exhausting after 15 minutes. I have a short attention span. I task-switch a lot. 

But… okay, I don’t know how I’ll manage to do this. Maybe I’ll just try to set my mind to it now and see how it goes today. Maybe tie a string around my finger to remind myself? Hm. Anyway, it’s worth considering as a tactic. Intention before action.