Day 319: Bed and Start

One thing I’ve been good at this week, which I’m pretty happy about, is getting up and getting busy.

Initially, I thought the key to this was “no electronics between waking and exercise.” And that was helpful! But I’ve discovered that there are no end of things I can do to defer exercise. The Internet was merely one! Comic books, tidying the kitchen, books… all of these things have been delicious distractions on the road to a workout.

I’m getting better at just getting up and getting to it. It’s better exercise when I do that, too. The less time I have to spool up a bunch of bullcrap in my brain, the happier I am working out.

The other key recently has been work out to music, as opposed to podcasts or Netflix. I know there’s a “music is a crutch” school of thought. But I like the crutch. The thing about crutches is that they’re helpful. I don’t know who started giving crutches a bad rap. Go crutches!

The theme of this week seems to be shaping up as anti-distraction. I just caught myself trying to click on a tab in my browser because “crutches” reminded me of something, and I had to pull myself back on task.

Focus really is key. I just wanted to Google “focus is key” to see if there’s something cool there in terms of quotes. Fight it! Focus!

Part of this is my work, where minor urgent fires pop up constantly that don’t always need to be put out, but it’s helpful if you nip them in the bud before groups of people turn a molehill into a mountain. I’m kind of trained to keep task-switching (not multitasking, that’s not actually a thing).

Is there such a thing, I wonder, as focus practice? It seems like a thing that should be A Thing.