Day 321: Surveying

Not the best food day yesterday, but I’m still feeling good after a week of solid exercise, keeping up with food logging, and daily weight.

I’m a bit stymied on how to gather information for this rejigger. I know I can do it, the question is how… most of the larger places I’ve found with people I wouldn’t mind broad feedback from are places that expressly forbid surveys or that kind of information-gathering. So getting the information I need to make this more useful is hard, because (for generally good and obvious reasons), it’s hard to reach the people who would find it useful.

It’s an interesting Catch-22.

As an aside, I’ve started listening to other “motivational” podcasts and wow, they are really not for me. If they work for you, if that’s your jam, more power to you. But man, the three I’ve listened to to date were really… it’s hard to describe, but “American morning television” is what springs to mind.

My intent for this has never been to find an audience, really. I think it’s more about evolving this for my own engagement. But if I’m putting the work in, I might as well make it work for more people, right?