Day 322: Snowy Sunday

Snow’s on the ground, which means winter is officially here. This is one of those Sundays where there’s a lot to do, but not a lot of things that specifically have to be done, which means girding my loins for a big clean-out of the garage, moving things in for the winter, etc. It’s also Leaf Week, and I, er, did not get to the leaves. But that’s okay. Mulch, right?

My digital life is much more rewarding than my physical life in many ways. At first, I was thinking “that sounds sad,” but is it? I just have better aptitude for things like making websites than raking leaves. And I do have substantial physical presence — I build furniture, I walk and cycle, I exercise. I guess I just feel my natural aptitudes are more digital than real-world.

As usual, I think the best course of action is to set myself some goals for the day. “Church” with my wife, of course, and I have to get way ahead of studying for the class I’m taking online, because I’m going to be gone next weekend.

So it’s still fairly early in the morning — a good time to set some concrete goals for the rest of the day, and block out an hour-by-hour plan to get them done. I know Sundays are for relaxin’, but I feel better at the end of the weekend if I know what I’ve accomplished.