Day 325: Maximum Effort!

Turns out a co-worker friend is also doing the rowing machine thing, so I am now in Healthy Competitive Spirit mode. This is generally good, and I think having motivation to push yourself is good.

That being said, I’m going to have to be a bit careful, because giving myself either an injury or a heart attack is not the way to go here.

So today, I logged my best time on a 5k since… well, let’s call it years:

5k in 22:09
I thought I would barf

…I wanted to crack 22 minutes, but that wasn’t happening, and in the last 750 metres it was all I could do to not fall over sideways.

But I did it! I made it! I’m alive! And the two things that became a bit of a mantra (other than “this music sucks,” because I was trying out some new albums from the radio station for the show) were:

  1. Maximum Effort! Thanks, Deadpool.
  2. I only have to do this once, right now, for a short period of time, and then not again for the rest of the day.

It was helpful! Just being able to say that this was a limited-time issue and I just needed to puuuuuuuuush for a short while helped. Focusing on the time remaining in increments (“in one minute, there’ll only be five minutes left” rather than “oh my God ten more minutes of this” kind of thing).

I’m talking like I just won the Tour de France or something. I didn’t. It was a moderately good 20-odd minute row. But it’s a good row for me! That’s what counts.

Now to (a) maintain a friendly rivalry without (b) killing myself. I am just now realizing that I’m at an age where I worry just a little bit about heart attacks.