Day 326: Minimum Effort!

Happy Thanksgiving, America! Spare a thought for those we massacred on the road to plenty.

I’m acutely aware that my successes are not my own: I work hard, sure, but I’m building on a foundation of lucky circumstances of birth, a great household, the context of a society where taxes fund a strong public service and social safety net. I was born on second base, at least, and I’m striving to get to third, but I don’t think I hit a double. I’m a lucky dude, and thankful.

After yesterday’s rowapalooza, it was a light exercise day for me — which is fine, it can’t be balls to the wall every single day. I am gonna have to be more careful with food today, though.

Speaking of which, I’m back to “not great at logging.” I think this might be the thing, is I gotta pester myself. I can’t just let it go for a few days, because then that turns into a few weeks.

There are candles burning at a few ends with me right now, with rethinking how this podcast is going to work, and the side hustle thing still kind of percolating in the background. Planning a weekend trip to visit my folks for a pre-Christmas deal, as they’re going away for the holiday to visit other relations, and also to celebrate my wife’s birthday.

I was reading an interesting take on self-care earlier this morning… that self-care is the work of living. The idea is you won’t need as many spa days or special lip glosses if you’ve got your house in order. You won’t need to escape from the stress of your finances if you just do your finances. That kind of thing.

And I… I feel blah on it. I’m not sure I’m buying it. It’s an argument against a constructed dilettante that’s frivolously getting their hair done while Rome burns. I guess there are some people like that, somewhere, but I don’t really know that many. It’s fun to imagine them and get mad and/or feel superior about it, but most of the people I know do a reasonable job of managing their lives, and also like to flake out from time to time. Sure, there’s a balance to be kept, and if your house is on fire it’s not the right time to go to the arcade. But if you need to be toldĀ that, you probably have problems that a stern article isn’t going to solve.