Day 327: Christmas in November

Off to an early Christmas with my folks. They’re out of the country in December, so we’re doing an early Christmas thing.

It’s the usual “leaving town” mental checklist today: it’s no reason to go crazy with food, I won’t be exercising so be doubly food-attentive, stay active even if I’m not working up a sweat.

At some point over the year I came to the realization that exercising when away from home just does not work for me and I’ve stopped packing, like, half a suitcase of extra stuff. It just results in me getting mad at myself. And trying to figure out sweaty stinky exercise clothes when you’re living out of a suitcase or in somebody else’s home is just horsepuckey.

Oh, and here’s a step towards the podcast revamp: 1-833-JERKPOD. That’s 1-833-537-5763. Give it a try! It’s going to be a “tip line” kind of thing.

It will also be a whispery “Jerkpod on the roooooaaad” for the next few days. Not my favourite either. But you gotta do what you gotta do…