Day 328: Hello, Basement

Recording from the basement of my parents’ house, where my wife and I are on the pull-out; speaking quietly because it’s kind of a bungalow stairs no doors thing going on here.

Brief this morning: no big sobriety challenges yesterday, but food, logging and exercise are all gonna be tough for the next few days. I think mentally I’m just going to have to take the hit in advance: it’s not going to be great, and I’m going to have some ground to make up when I get home.

Explaining what I’m doing with this to my family is… well, let’s just say we’ll keep things quick and quiet, because it would take half an hour to get through “podcast,” notionally, and things from there would just get more elaborate. So it’s going to be short check-ins for the next little while, from the basement, with my wife beside me on the pull-out couch.