Day 329: Taking the Holiday Hit

As mentioned yesterday, brief check-ins from the road, and my parents’ basement. I’m leaning into holiday fun, letting myself have a few days of relaxation (red flags!) and mentally telling myself that there is GOING TO BE PAYBACK down the road. So part of the fun is setting myself up for the challenge of austerity when I get back home.

And that is, weirdly enough, kind of fun-seeming. I like challenges, and being able to set this up as a “dessert first, dinner later” type of thing is actually kind of helpful and helps me relax into it. I don’t feel like I’m losing control as much as I’m kind of in a controlled crash. Steering into it. I know I’m going to have to pull myself out of the wreck in two days, so why not enjoy the journey?

So I’m not going bananas or anything, but I’m not sitting at a table and watching everyone else eat while making Grumpy Cat faces, either. The piper will get paid. Just not today.