Day 331: Fasting Deferred

I don’t know if I straight up said this yet, but fasting is now generally on Mondays — this week Tuesday, due to travel and my wife’s birthday yesterday.

And today was SUPPOSED to be the big get-back-to-everything. But I forgot to seal the grout on our shower yesterday, so I had to do that first thing this morning. Because it takes forever for the shower to completely dry, so doing it after being away for a few days was best. But now I can’t shower, because the grout sealant has to dry. So no exercise this morning.

As a result, I’m kind of falling sideways back into good habits… fasting today, exercise tomorrow. weighing myself in a few seconds. It’s weird, but I think I’m finally becomingĀ that personĀ who craves better habits. I felt aggravated this morning that I couldn’t exercise. I’m sort of excited by fasting today. The slow, slogging pace of transformation.

It’s not a decision you make and then something that happens after you make that decision. That’s the lesson I’m gradually absorbing. It’s decisions you make every day, and an internalizing process that takes a real long time. In my case, 332 days. So far.