Day 332: Back in the Saddle

Back on exercise, and it feels good! 10k row today, my first in a loooong time, and about to start doing the whole deal: food logging, the checklist tonight, all of that.

I know I do like routine, and I think there’s a kind of sideways thing happening here. I make behaviour I don’t like part of my routine, force myself to do that stuff I don’t like for a persistent period of time, and bingo bango, routine. Now I feel more comfortable doing it than not.

The other recent thing is being invited by a friend to join him on a fitness app thing. MyFitnessPal. Which is probably fine! I’m going to do it, because it’s a new thing, new things sometimes work, and it doesn’t cost money. I’ve tried LoseIt, which is okay.

So why not?

(Actually, I can immediately think of about eight Why Nots, but that isĀ not what this is about. I’m supposed to do and try, not duck).

A new app today, then, and seeing if the social pressure of being answerable to a friend for staying on track — as well as the support I’m getting at home — can convert into some gains.

Lots of BUSINESS now: food logging, install an app, set up the app, all the things!