Day 333: Okay, NOW back in the saddle.

Some household issues yesterday kind of threw me off track a bit, so, er, today is the big good back on track day. Kicked ass at a 5k row, got to exercise promptly after getting up, about to log food for the full day and stick to that.

Stress eating is still my jam, though. Yesterday I was talking about internalizing good habits over time. I guess the other side of that is I can also snap out of good habits at any time. This whole “eat to feel comfortable” thing is definitely emerging as the Big Bad of this project.

Once more, then: food logging (for the whole day), stick to that plan, exercise, etc. There’s a certain amount of “paying the piper” here, too. I knew I’d have some ground to make up after a long weekend out of town. Here’s the ground. Time to make it up.