Day 334: Still Reaching for that Saddle

Holy cow, it’s turning into a rough week. Slept in today; the alarm went off, I got up, turned around, went back to bed. This is not really typical, as I’m usually pretty good about getting to exercise now. Today, though? JustĀ not having it.

I don’t get into my wife’s STUFF on this, because it’s not my stuff. But it might be fair to say that she’s been having a rough few months, with a death in the family and a significant birthday. Helping each other through the tough times is part of what couples do, but there’s also an empathetic “when you’re down, I’m down” link there as well.

So I think there might be a bit of a Household Slump going on right now, that we’re going to have to dig out of together.

Running late, so that’s it for today — it’s time for us to activate our Wondertwin Powers or something. Ugh. Still tired.