Day 335: Fix It In Post

I was having a conversation about project management with somebody the other day. In a pretty institutionalized environment, there are two schools of thought. The first is the mature, cautious approach. Gather lots of information. Discuss extensively with stakeholders. Create and review a work plan. Draft and revise multiple times.

Then there’s my approach: make sure it’s more or less ship-shape and kick it out the door. If it bursts into flames, put the fire out and fix it so it doesn’t burst into flames any more.

Neither of these is an optimal strategy. And I should be clear that the second is more my half-preference, half-necessity approach. I’m capable of tempering my desire to get things done to make sure they’re done right.

But at the same time, most of what I’m proud of in my life has involved kicking things out the door with a fire extinguisher in hand. This podcast. My side hustle thing right now. My marriage was based on a long-distance relationship and I proposed the second time I saw my wife in person. Where I live right now was a leap of faith toward a job I thought sounded cool.

So as I tick down to the new year, the idea of a revamp of this podcast becomes less theoretical and more imminent. And I think I’m’a just have to kick it out the door and see what happens.

Here’s the rough results of what I’ve been surveying about…

  • A weekly “big touch base”
  • Daily updates
  • Listener call-ins
  • Reviews of various apps and tools having to do with productivity, mindfulness
  • Interviews?

The last one would be a big hurdle to clear. I’ve done interview-driven podcasts before, and they are a TON of work. I’m not sure I can commit. But once again, if I kick this out the door and it bursts into flame, I’m obliged to put it out. And that’s where things often get interesting.